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Transport infrastructure system

Industry solutions

A comprehensive solution for automating vehicle monitoring is the efficient use and management of a company's fleet of vehicles, reducing costs and increasing returns on invested funds and increasing the profitability of the company as a whole.

Freight Transportation

Freight Transportation

Using the system will allow you to: increase the traffic volume, monitor the actual mileage, fuel consumption, the driver's compliance with the specified route, track the location of vehicles, notify the dispatcher of the traffic situation and occurrence of emergency situations, ensure the safety and safety of goods, optimize the fleet.

Passenger Transportation

Passenger Transportation

The implementation of our solution in real-time mode provides an opportunity to track the location of transport, speed, time and stopping places. Analyze the traffic situation, driving style, the situation in the cabin and the number of passengers, downtime and fuel consumption. Keep track of the work of the driver and conductor and provide a reliable communication channel with the dispatcher.



An integrated monitoring system makes it possible to monitor field operations, compliance with sowing technologies, tillage and harvesting, time and place of loading / unloading, fuel consumption, location of all vehicles, route compliance and location in designated areas, misuse and simple equipment, record Hours.

Road Service and Public Utility

Road Service and Public Utility

The application of the automated system will allow you to monitor the cleaning of roads in real time, compliance with the speed regime and rules of transport operation, time and place of unloading / loading, the fulfillment of the specified route task, mileage, mechanisms operation and fuel consumption, internal labor regulations.



Practical use of our online monitoring system gives you control over the mileage you traveled and the actual calculation of the operating hours, the location of the vehicle and fuel consumption, the execution of route tasks, the time of operation of the attachments, the places and quantity of loading / unloading, the presence of equipment at the site, and the control of the targeted use of vehicles.

Emergency Response Services

Emergency Response Services

Our system helps you to efficiently manage the work of transport, you will get automatic route compilation taking into account the traffic situation, identification and exit of the nearest machine to the call, monitoring of emergency situations, personnel and customer safety. Monitoring of the location, direction of movement, speed and time of parking, control of the inclusion and deactivation of special signals. Accounting for the working time of personnel on the road, provide a stable communication channel between the dispatcher and the driver.

Water Transport

Water Transport

As a result of implementing our solution, you will monitor the location and safety of the vehicle, as well as the execution of the route and the speed of movement, the targeted use of fuel and the vessel as a whole, crew safety and cargo safety. Timely response in case of abnormal situations.

General Purpose Aviation

General Purpose Aviation

The introduction of a comprehensive system of satellite monitoring allows you to monitor the implementation of the specified routes and rules for the use of airspace, the exact area of the site and the number of chemicals consumed, the number of flights, real fuel consumption and unauthorized use of the aircraft, the need for repairs and maintenance.

Small-Scale Enterprises and Private Individuals

Small-Scale Enterprises and Private Individuals

The application of our comprehensive solution will allow you to: increase customer loyalty, improve the speed of execution of orders, improve the performance of the automotive division, monitor the targeted use of fuel and extend the life of the company's vehicles.

We are distributors of premium brand products

Solution based on Axis F34 for passenger transportation

For video registration in the salon and the traffic situation

  • Receiving data from cameras in real time
  • Data collection and transfer upon arrival in the park
  • Mobile app
  • The ability to change the viewing angle after the installation of the system
  • Best price
  • Storing data on removable storage
  • Recording video data up to two weeks
  • Integration with already installed systems without additional costs
  • No cost to maintain the system
  • Solution of disputed situations due to video fixing

Solution based on the IRMA MATRIX sensor for passenger traffic

To account for passenger traffic

  • The highest accuracy of accounting is more than 98%
  • The system distinguishes an adult passenger from a child
  • The system can determine if in the cabin a bicycle
  • Control of the conduct of the duties of the conductor
  • Door control to avoid pinching the passenger
  • Exclusive analytics system based on OLAP technologies
  • Optimization of the interval based on the data of the analytical system
  • Analysis of the "what if"

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